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RFID solutions designed for the jewelry, timepiece and accessory industries.

About Myndar

Architects & Visionaries of Innovative Technology Solutions for Specialized Retailers

Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, Myndar is responsible for the research and development of retail technology solutions designed specifically for the jewelry, timepiece and accessory industries to streamline business; provides greater efficiencies; profitability; higher security and profound business insights. To deliver these solutions to North and South America’s retail market, Myndar partnered with Pac Team Group to establish Myndar Americas under Pac Team’s PT Next technology division. Through various Myndar retail tools that house cutting-edge RFID “Smart Tag” technology, retailers are afforded visibility on inventory, security on high value items as well as insights on store associate selling behaviors and customer purchasing behaviors.

About RFID

RFID is short for Radio Frequency IDentification, also known as “Smart Tag” technology.

Unlike traditional bar codes that require a scanner to “see” an individual barcode to read it, RFID “Smart Tags" simply need to be within range of a reader allowing multiple tags to be read simultaneously. This technology provides a number of benefits including: * Increased inventory accuracy * Increased visibility of stock * Greater staff productivity * Decreased out-of-stock items * Decreased shrinkage * Greater customer satisfaction * Decreased markdowns * Increased profit margins

Imagine: Product Visibility

RFID lets your products speak to you.

  • Imagine knowing how often a product was removed from a case, only to be put back again.
  • Imagine that a novice salesperson instantly knows the best-selling points for every single product in your store.
  • Imagine tracking your product’s movement at all times - who accessed it and when. Through Myndar’s “Smart Tray” technology, unprecedented security features track the movement of “Smart Tagged” products and the people that come into contact with them. In addition, sales staff can effortlessly access information from pricing to stock to product features instantly.

Imagine: Instant Inventory

Say goodbye to manual sorting and processing.

Through Myndar, inventory receiving and processing has evolved to a new era of speed, sophistication and efficiency. In distribution centers - Imagine processing hundreds of products within seconds, while drastically increasing inventory accuracy and product traceability. In stores - Imagine if you could do an entire store’s inventory in seconds. Myndar makes this all possible.

Imagine: Real-time Data

Experience unparalleled access to your product’s and customer’s behavior

Myndar provides access and real-time data to see what products are being pulled from a case, being sold from a case as well as visibility on products without traction.

  • Is a product being repeatedly requested by customers but then not converted to a sale?
  • Do you have 1 salesperson who makes a sale for every 5 products they show, versus another who needs to show 20?

This type of information provides the opportunity for immediate action to take place and issues to be corrected quickly to maximize sales. In addition, data like this compounded over time will reveal valuable insights and predictions into customer behavior.

Recent Awards

With over 80 patents and enormous recognition for achievements, Myndar has established themselves as a leader in the industry.

2017 ICT - Gold Award 2016 Asia Brand Awards - Top 500 Chinese Brand 2016 Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies Awards - The Trophy of Excellent 2016 MGP - Retail Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Hong Kong Awards for Industries - Innovation and Creativity, Merit Award 2016 Chow Tai Fook Corporation - Best Cooperation Award 2016 Chow Tai Fook Corporation – 5 Stars Supplier Award

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